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Challenge for PANS PANDAS UK: Children's Art Competition

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Throughout July the PANS PANDAS UK community are taking on challenges to support families affected by PANS and PANDAS.

This year the community are inviting children and young people to join the fundraising fun by submitting entries to our fantastic volunteer run Art Competition. We have a fabulous panel of professional artists to help judge the contest and a chance for entrants to win some amazing prizes!

Exciting prize details coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!


Young people are invited to submit their entries digitally. Artists should be inspired by the theme CHALLENGE. Children are free to produce a drawing inspired by this theme using any materials or medium that they like!  Challenges can take many different forms. Perhaps artists will depict a sporting sensation, a personal triumph, or a more abstract depiction of emotion.

The art competition is free to enter and open to all children based in the UK. However, we welcome donations to one of our volunteer-led Just Giving Page which is linked below in lieu of an entry fee for those who feel able.


Thank you for taking part in our Art Competition and helping to make our community stronger and our voices heard.

P.S. We know that know that for some of our children affected by PANS and PANDAS, this can impact on their writing and drawing skills which may make this challenging. Many children also find art a really helpful and powerful medium to express themselves. We want to reassure all of the participants that the context of all entries will be taken into consideration to ensure that everyone is included and valued.


Jina Gelder- Fine Artist, Newcastle

Jina is a professional wildlife artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Aside from selling her original artworks she has developed a range of beautiful products perfect for wildlife lovers.


Jina Gelder Illustration paintings are available at a variety of shows and galleries throughout the year or you are more than welcome to visit Jina's fabulous studio at the Hearth in Horsley.

For more details on terms and conditions and how to enter please click here

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