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PANS PANDAS UK is the only UK charity supporting children and families living with the neuropsychiatric conditions PANS and PANDAS.

We provide information and community support to people affected by PANS and PANDAS and their families. We work with medical professionals to develop better healthcare services for affected individuals.  We raise awareness of the symptoms and treatment options for healthcare professionals so that they are better equipped to recognise when a child may have PANS or PANDAS. We provide training in educational settings so that families and children living with these conditions receive the support they so desperately need. 

We are here to help

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In the Classroom
PANS and PANDAS are conditions that often appear very suddenly and affect the physical and mental health of children and young adults. They develop in the wake of common infections (such as Covid-19, chicken pox, influenza, or strep A in PANDAS cases), when the infection subsequently causes a misdirected immune response and/or brain inflammation.
Symptoms of PANS and PANDAS can sometimes make education and school life difficult for children and young people. We have lots of resources here to help families and teachers understand more about the conditions, how they have an impact on children's education and what can be done to support children and young people.
Young Doctor
Teacher and Pupil
Awareness of PANS and PANDAS in the UK is currently low. With that in mind we have created some useful resources for medical professionals looking for further information, guidance and support.

You will also find updates here on the progress being made by the UK PANS PANDAS working group (a collaboration of professionals from all Royal Colleges and the BPNA).  

One Voice

‘I would say to other children with PANS and PANDAS that no matter how hard things are now, you have to remember how far you have come.’ (Evie, 13) 



We are delighted to be able to share with you the One Voice Project. It is a video created to raise awareness of these life-changing conditions and reflects some of the experiences and impacts for children and young people living with PANS and PANDAS and their siblings.


We asked a series of questions about PANS and PANDAS symptoms, diagnosis, experience in schools and most importantly how we can make things better. 


We were truly moved by the creative, open and articulate responses from the children and their siblings. Their words, descriptions, pictures, poems, songs and stories said it all.


We would like to thank all of the courageous children who took part in the One Voice project. We are immensely proud of them all.

awareness support education

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