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Education and PANS PANDAS

From our work with families and children, we understand that there needs to be an increased awareness amongst schools around both recognising and providing support for children with PANS and PANDAS.   


The conditions are complex and can present with a wide range of confusing signs and symptoms.  Every child with PANS and PANDAS is different. If schools and other professionals do not understand the cause of the child's difficulties, they will be unable to provide appropriate support. This, coupled with the impacts of the conditions, can lead to a deterioration in ability, isolation, issues attending school and low self-esteem.

Our education resources are designed to raise awareness of the conditions including the special educational needs that can develop directly due to these health disorders. 

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Family Quality Time


These resources will support families to understand how the conditions may affect their child in school, and how to work effectively with schools to ensure that your child’s medical condition is both understood and appropriately supported. 

In class
Doctor with Files


Schools have a crucial role in both spotting the early signs of the condition and providing the right support and understanding.  Putting in early support can make a real difference to a child’s educational outcomes. 

Schools have a duty to support children/young people with medical needs, and by law need to give extra support to pupils with medical conditions.  You do not need a formal diagnosis before a school can provide support. 

This resource is designed to be shared with any health professional supporting your child who may need to liaise with school.

Teacher training

PANS PANDAS UK has been providing free and online CPD accredited training for a wide range of professionals including educational psychologists, specialist support teachers, SENCO’s and designated clinical officers amongst others.   

Please click on the link below to register or alternatively contact if you would like us to deliver a training session specifically for your team at a time that would suit you. 

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