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Spotting the early signs is crucial. PANS and PANDAS can affect lots of different areas of a child’s functioning.  These can include changes in the ability to attend school and learn, friendships, emotions, and independent skills amongst others.  Some of these changes might be very severe and others might be more subtle.  This resource will support parents/caregivers to note down the important early changes. These can then be shared with a child’s school and their GP. 

Whether you have a child with a confirmed diagnosis of PANS or PANDAS or you suspect that your child may be affected by one of these conditions, there are likely to be many challenges that your child faces accessing education.  Children can quickly change from thriving in school to having lots of new difficulties, and it is important that these new difficulties are understood, so that the right support can be quickly put in place.   


These resources will support families to understand how the conditions may affect their child in school, and how to work effectively with schools to ensure that your child’s medical condition is both understood and appropriately supported. 

Compass & Map
School Library

This resource provides a brief outline of the conditions, how they may affect your child in school and the steps you can take to ask for support for your child.   It also answers some frequently asked questions about common concerns such as issues around attendance and special educational needs support. 

This provides a brief summary of the conditions that you can share with your school.  


Teacher training

PANS PANDAS UK has been providing free and online CPD accredited training for a wide range of professionals including educational psychologists, specialist support teachers, SENCO’s and designated clinical officers amongst others.   

Please click on the link below to register or alternatively contact if you would like us to deliver a training session specifically for your team at a time that would suit you. 

Business Plan

Many children with PANS or PANDAS may benefit from having an Individual Health Care plan.   This resource will support families and schools to create a proactive and targeted plan together.

This statement briefly explores some of the current barriers to accessing educational support for children with PANS or PANDAS.  It summarises the steps that families/caregivers can take in communicating with schools and signposts families for further support.

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