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Please browse for information relating to PANS and PANDAS and if you wish to find out more about the PANS Physicians Network quarterly bulletin, please contact us on the form below.

PANS PANDAS Steering Group for the diagnosis and management of Paediatric Neurological disorders PANS and PANDAS

PANS PANDAS UK are working with representatives from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the Royal College of Psychiatry, the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Occupational Therapy, the British Paediatric Neurological Association, the British Paediatric Allergy, Infection and Immunology Group, the Royal College of General Practitioners, as well as the British Association of Social Workers in order to improve standards of care for patients with symptoms of PANS and PANDAS across the UK. 


This steering group has been developed with the support of NHS England. The working group have released a statement which you can read here.  

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We have made the difficult decision to ‘press pause’ temporarily on the PANS Physicians’ Network virtual meetings.


Unprecedented progress is being made in the UK around improving the awareness, understanding and treatment of young people presenting with symptoms of PANS and PANDAS. We are working exceptionally hard to help to support this momentum, both in parliament, with NHSE and with the PANS PANDAS Steering Group. We are a tiny team and, as such, for now we have to focus our efforts on keeping this momentum going.


Until we are able to recommence these virtual meetings, we will be sending out quarterly bulletins to keep you updated on the latest progress in health services development for PANS and PANDAS and what is happening in terms of research into the conditions.


Should any member of the network wish to discuss a case (or suspected case) of PANS or PANDAS with a clinician with experience of these conditions, then please do e mail us at and we will endeavour to connect you.


Thank you so much for your continued interest in PANS and PANDAS.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the latest news for health professionals on PANS and PANDAS, please do sign up to our new quarterly bulletin below.

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