Freya Lees

11th September 2021

Freya Lees is doing the Twilight Runway Challenge

Freya is an 11 year old girl who suffers with PANS and wants to do this 5km walk to spread awareness of the illness and to give back to the charity by way of donations. The charity have been a lifeline to us when no one else would help, not even our local health services. We had nowhere to turn and Freya got sicker and was suffering more severe symptoms including restricted eating,  debilitating OCD, counting rules and rituals, we even thought she had Covid at one point as she developed a coughing tic where she literally coughed every 30 seconds, this lasted 4 long weeks.  This illness is debilitating and ruins lives.  


Freya's schooling massively suffered and she feels like she's lost her childhood. These symptoms and many more come and go daily, you just never know how she's going to feel when she wakes, it's an ongoing worry and the stress can affect the whole family.

Please support Freya to raise awareness of PANS and PANDAS by clicking here to donate FREYA'S WALK   If you are a UK tax payer, then please tick the box for Gift Aid too, as this will increase the donation by an additional 25% at no cost to you.

Pauline and Lyn.PNG

26th September 2021

Kiltwalk - The Mighty Stride

Pauline Cauldwell and Lyn Rae will once again be battling the elements and attempting the incredible Mighty  Stride - a 23 mile trek, in a kilt!  

The Hunter Foundation generously offer match funding to 50% of the donations raised so please give generously and support Pauline and Lyn on their fourth Kiltwalk for PANS PANDAS UK so far.  If you are a UK tax payer, then please tick the box for Gift Aid too, as this will allow us to claim an additional 25% on top of your donation at no extra cost to you so please do give what you can. 

Please support Pauline and Lyn in this wonderful challenge by clicking the following link to donate