Lucy is holding a Jubilee Street Party

4th June 2022

Lucy Knowles is holding a Platinum Jubilee Garden Party with afternoon tea, a raffle, cake sale and (amateur!) face painting with games for the children in aid of PANS PANDAS UK!. We hope the sun shines all day.

Richard is climbing Mont Blanc!

June 2022

In June, Richard Jarvis will summit Mont Blanc to raise money and much needed awareness for PANS PANDAS UK in honour of his brave goddaughter Maya who became ill in 2011.

Kate's Lake District Challenge

11th - 12th June 2022

In June, Kate Lynch will be undertaking the Lake District Challenge 2002 by walking 100km over 2 days, Kate is raising money for PANS PANDAS UK after receiving support following the diagnosis of their son, Max, in 2018.

Nigel is running the Endure 24 (4 consecutive marathons)

18th - 19th June 2022

Nigel has set himself this challenge to endure the 'fight with everything you have and being pushed to the limit' experience. He is looking to put himself through this struggle for 24 hours, as a token of respect to an incredibly resilient group, those who suffer from PANS and PANDAS.

Geoff is tackling Ironman Austria

3rd July 2022

Geoff Wild has committed to doing Ironman Austria on July 3rd: Swim 3.8km, Bike 180km and Run 42.2km. It’s his first triathlon and he's never even run a half marathon so directly ignoring all advice to start small and build up over multiple years, but will be worth the pain to support this cause!

Gareth Costello is running the Equinox 24

17th - 18th September 2022

After facing multiple stumbling blocks with diagnosis and treatment Gareth's daughter Rose now has a diagnosis of PANDAS and is being treated effectively. Gareth is running 31 miles to raise awareness of PANS and PANDAS.