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‘As you will understand we are all very concerned about this child.  The rapidity of change and the extreme level of anger in his behaviour is exceptional.  I am aware that, although uncommon, it is possible for a physical reason to result in such a change in behaviour.  I have spoken to his parents about this and suggested that medical advice is sought as I feel it is urgently necessary for all possibilities to be investigated to help this child return to feeling and behaving as himself.’

Headteacher of a child subsequently diagnosed with PANS

There are currently generally low levels of awareness about PANS and PANDAS amongst education professionals, including how these conditions can impact on a child’s ability to learn and manage the school environment.  


Schools have a crucial role in both spotting the early signs of the condition and providing the right support and understanding.  Putting in early support can make a real difference to a child’s educational outcomes.


School Supply

PANS and PANDAS are complex conditions. Here are some straightforward recommendations for understanding the conditions and providing effective support.

Have you noticed unexplained changes in a child in your classroom?


Red flags for PANS or PANDAS include an unexplained deterioration in academic work, social skills, behaviour, emotions and recent onset physical issues. Although PANS and PANDAS are medical conditions (and can only be diagnosed by a medical professional) teachers have a crucial role in spotting the early signs and signposting families to document them.


This provides a brief overview of the conditions, and how they may affect a child in school.  It also outlines some of the support that schools can begin to provide for children with PANS and PANDAS.

All of the resources about PANS and PANDAS in one place.   This includes information from both the UK and our international counterparts.  Also included are relevant resources for a wide range of professionals such as school nurses, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists amongst others.

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Early identification and treatment lead to better outcomes for children. Schools have a crucial role in spotting the early signs.  These posters are designed to raise much needed awareness of PANS and PANDAS.

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In this document we signpost teachers to further resources which have been written with well-respected educational and SEND organisations such as Twinkl and Fresh Start.

We asked the children/young people who are living with PANS or PANDAS a series of questions about their experiences in education.  This is what they told us.  We would like to thank all of the children who participated for their courage and honesty.

PANS PANDAS UK Education Lead Tina Coope in conversation with 'SEND in the experts' podcast host Georgina Durrant.


Click on the image to listen to them discussing what PANS and PANDAS are, the impact they can have on children, the importance of spotting early signs and how teachers can support children with the conditions in the classroom.


Teacher training

PANS PANDAS UK has been providing free and online CPD accredited training for a wide range of professionals including educational psychologists, specialist support teachers, SENCO’s and designated clinical officers amongst others.   

Please click on the link below to register or alternatively contact us if you would like us to deliver a training session specifically for your team at a time that would suit you. 

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