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Please see below our position statements on a number of important issues

PANDAS and Group A Strep Full Statement

In view of the rise in cases of Group Strep A infections in the UK at present, PANS PANDAS UK has written a statement to inform families, teachers and clinicians about the potential implications for children with PANDAS. Please click here to read more

Group A Strep and PANDAS Parents' Leaflet

We are very aware that the current rise in cases of Group A Strep in the UK is cause for concern for families living with PANDAS. We have written a short information leaflet to help inform parents and caregivers about what the current situation may mean for them. We hope you find it helpful.

PANS PANDAS and Education Position Statement

We know that many families are struggling in the current climate. As a small charity, we sadly are not currently able to offer individual 1:1 educational support and advocacy to families. We are currently working on sourcing alternative forms of advocacy. We do hope that you will find the information outlined in our position statement.

Fabricated or Induced Illness Position Statement

Unfortunately, as a small charity we are not currently in a position to offer individual advocacy to our community.  We are exploring options for greater levels of support in the future which will involve securing appropriate professional expertise. 


PANS PANDAS UK is working with independent social worker Cathie Long to produce an online guide specifically for PANS and PANDAS and FII. This guide will be aimed at health, social care and educational professionals. 

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