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Amazing Abseil!

A fantastic time was had by all last Friday at Millennium Point, Birmingham as we were joined by Birmingham businesses and members of the PANS and PANDAS community to abseil down this landmark building.

This brilliant event was part of the July PANS PANDAS UK #ChooseyourChallenge event. The aim of this challenge was to raise awareness of the conditions and also to raise funds to allow us to continue our work, building brighter futures for all those affected by PANS and PANDAS. Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of the team at Millennium Point, we were able to come together as a community, share stories and support one another as we braved the descent.

We were joined by President of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Deb Leary, and also by our ambassador Jo Joyner. Both wonderful ladies overcame their fears and abseiled down the building to show their support. Numerous people from the Birmingham business community also joined us at the event and it was great to see them getting into the spirit of the challenge.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated, abseiled, attended or supported this event. We absolutely loved meeting everyone!

More photos coming soon!

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