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Finalists in the Charity Film Awards!

We can hardly believe it! We are incredibly excited to announce that our film 'Meet Helen and Jessica' has been shortlisted in the 2024 Smiley Charity Film Awards in the Under £100,000 category. We are officially finalists!

Huge thanks to Helen and Jessica Huitson for featuring in the short film and sharing their story to help raise awareness and massive congratulations to our incredibly creative fundraising lead, Emma Bracegirdle for being the driving force behind this film.

Most of all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every single one of you who voted,. Making it through to the final is all down to you and your support for PANS PANDAS UK and the work we do.

'Meet Helen and Jessica' will now go before the judges so we will wait with bated breath to hear their verdict. In the meantime, there will be a second round of voting opening on the 14th February which gives the film a chance to win the People's Choice award. We would love it if you can join us then and show the film even more love!

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