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Getting the word out there

The 9th of October is an important day for the PANS and PANDAS community in the UK and across the world. It marks international PANS PANDAS Awareness Day.

As any family affected by PANS and PANDAS will tell you, awareness of these conditions is still low. This lack of awareness amongst professionals creates a huge barrier to diagnosis, treatment and support. Without awareness, families are left searching for answers and battling to find someone to help. PANS PANDAS Awareness Day is an opportunity for our community to come together and to spread the word far and wide so that these conditions are more readily recognised by those in a position to help.

It has been incredible to see the wave of awareness-raising activities taking place across social media and at in-person events. We are so grateful to every single person who has taken part, and to our international counterparts for their continued commitment to working collaboratively to bring about positive change. Together we will build brighter futures for all children, young people and adults living with PANS and PANDAS.

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