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In the News: The Sunday Times Spotlight on PANS PANDAS

With over 399,000 digital subscribers, it's fair to say that this past weekend's The Sunday Times article has brought awareness of PANS and PANDAS to unprecedented numbers of people in the UK.

With the development of UK clinical guidelines now underway, it is particularly timely that media attention should be on the impacts of these acute onset neuropsychiatric conditions. The article showcases the importance of raising levels of awareness amongst medical professionals. It explores two young people's starkly different experiences of accessing healthcare for PANDAS; one where treatment was prompt with excellent outcomes, and one where diagnosis was delayed and years of childhood were lost to suffering.

The article highlights the unusual and recognisable characteristics of PANS and PANDAS which distinguish them from other mental health conditions, remarking upon the rapid-onset and the severity and multiplicity of both physical and mental health symptoms. Also clear are the impacts for young people's education, with the unexpected development of special educational needs and the loss of handwriting skills as examples of what might be seen in educational settings. 


Huge thanks to journalist Louise Eccles and The Sunday Times for this article. It marks a significant step forward in ensuring that PANS and PANDAS are widely recognised.

To read the article in full, please click here.


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