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More Exciting News: Welcoming another New Member to the PANS PANDAS UK Team!

PANS PANDAS UK is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our team – Fourie Pretorius. Fourie is a talented and dynamic Social Media and Content Assistant. As we continue to expand our efforts to spread the word about PANS and PANDAS, Fourie is set to play a crucial role in amplifying our message.

With a passion for creative communication and a commitment to making a positive impact, Fourie brings fresh ideas and energy to the table. In this pivotal role, he will be instrumental in creating compelling content, fostering engagement on our social media platforms, and building connections with our community.

Our commitment to providing support and resources to those affected by these conditions remains steadfast, and with our growing team, we are more equipped than ever to make a meaningful difference. Join us in extending a warm welcome to our new team member! Together, we look forward to reaching new heights in our mission to create a world where PANS and PANDAS are widely understood, and those affected receive the support they deserve.

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