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'Nurse of the Year 2022' becomes Trustee

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

PANS PANDAS UK welcome Diane Palmer to the Trustee Board

British Journal of Nursing National ‘Nurse of the Year 2022’

Associate Director of Nursing at Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust

Corporate Lead for Military Veterans Mental Health, Staff Mental Health Services and Trauma Informed Care

We are delighted to announce that Diane Palmer, Nurse of the Year 2022, is joining PANS PANDAS UK as a Trustee, bringing her vast experience in health and social care to our board of Trustees.

Diane is passionate about supporting the PANS PANDAS UK Charity. Over the past year she has been tirelessly raising awareness of these conditions and has campaigned actively for the formation of a dedicated clinic.

Diane has already begun work assessing and supporting children with PANS and PANDAS within Norfolk and Suffolk. Working in close collaboration with her CAMHS colleagues and specialist healthcare professionals from local hospitals, Diane has begun work on bids for funding with which she intends to create a dedicated multi-agency, multi-disciplinary PANS and PANDAS service.

Having worked in Health and Social Care for 29 years, Diane is a qualified Nurse, Social Worker, Advanced Psychotherapist and CBT Therapist. She has also set up several new specialist services in the last 12 months alone and founded the International Trauma Informed Care Network, which now comprises over 360 members.

It will come as no surprise that Diane has been awarded several prestigious awards, including the National Military & Civilian Health Partnership Award 2013, the Great British Care Award 2013 and the National Royal College of Nursing Mental Health Award 2014. You can read more about Diane’s many achievements in her bio which will be available on our website soon.

In addition to all these amazing achievements in her work life, Diane is a massive Liverpool FC fan who enjoys spa days, history, musical theatre, karaoke, holidays in the sun and spending time with her family, friends and adorable Labrador puppy!

Welcome to the team Diane!

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