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PANS PANDAS UK in Sinclairs Law podcast

PANS PANDAS UK was delighted to raise further awareness of the conditions by working with Michael Charles and Chris McFarland from Sinclairs Law on the first episode of series 3 of the Education Magazine. There was the opportunity to discuss many of the current difficulties and challenges that families supporting children with PANS and PANDAS are facing with access to diagnosis and treatment. Charity Chair, Vicky Burford, also shared her personal story and their journey as a family with her son’s inspiring recovery.

Tina Coope, our education lead, was also able to talk about some of the difficulties that children are experiencing in schools, including some of the vulnerability factors that are leading to families being accused of safeguarding or fabricated illness accusations.

It would be really helpful if any family affected by PANS or PANDAS could share this podcast with wider professionals including local authorities. Don’t forget to also signpost any relevant professionals to this very comprehensive resource: PANS, PANDAS and Fabricated or Induced Illness: A guide for Social Work, Healthcare and Education Professionals. Guide for Social Work, Healthcare & Education Professionals

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