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PANS PANDAS UK in Westminster

Earlier this week, PANS PANDAS UK hosted an All Party Parliamentary Group drop-in session in Westminster. We were joined by four wonderful representatives from our community and a good number of MPs and their staff who had been contacted by constituents affected by PANS and PANDAS.

We were pleased to be able to share the words of parents, young people and our fantastic PANS PANDAS UK Youth Board with everyone who attended via an animated video of everyone's comments and questions.

A petition was raised by Wendy Chamberlain, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats for a back bench debate, which was supported by all backbenchers present. This is a really exciting development which will help to keep our cause at the forefront of people's minds. We warmly encourage anyone whose family has been affected by the conditions to write to their MP and ask them to show their support by signing this petition. You can find a template letter and more information about the MPs in attendance here.

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