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PANS PANDAS UK welcomes new Scottish Education Representative!

Gillian Mathewson is a Principal Teacher of Maths in Aberdeenshire in Scotland.  Since first suspecting that one of her children was affected by PANS or PANDAS in January 2023, she has been working hard to raise awareness of the conditions in Scotland, with a particular focus on the Education sector.

Gillian joined the PANS PANDAS UK Education team in September 2023, delivering the online teacher training to teachers across the UK, and since then has started to gather information around the educational support available for children in Scotland with the conditions.  Her current focus is on identifying the mechanisms in place to support children who are unable to attend school due to their PANS or PANDAS, as this is an area that is distinctly different from the other UK Nations.

Prior to becoming a teacher Gillian was an Engineer, working in programme management and software development, so has a wide range of skills at her disposal to help drive forward the message in Scotland.

Gillian is currently taking a break from teaching to support her child, and is looking forward to having a focus for her energy, and representing the PANS PANDAS children, parents and carers in Scotland.  

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