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PANS PANDAS UK welcomes new Trustee

Claire Baggott, a great addition to the PANS PANDAS UK Trustees.

Claire is truly passionate about families affected by PANS and PANDAS getting the support and help that they need. She is committed to raising awareness of PANS and PANDAS, to bring about positive change for those impacted by these life altering conditions.

Claire joins the Board of Trustees with significant corporate governance and risk management experience. Claire has worked as a Senior Business Consultant in the charity, public and private sectors - helping clients to better align with best practice standards and achieve their strategic plans. She is looking forward to bringing this skill set to PANS PANDAS UK during an exciting phase of growth and development for the charity.

As part of a large family, and with three children of her own, time with loved ones is what means the most to Claire; she loves a house full and big family feasts.

Claire came to find PANS PANDAS UK after the sudden onset of PANDAS in one of her children in 2019. Since then she has volunteered in a number of capacities for the charity, and is thrilled to be joining the Board as a Trustee.

Welcome Claire.

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