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Twinkl launches PANS PANDAS teacher training toolkit

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Stellar educational resources publisher Twinkl have just launched a toolkit on their website to help teachers and SEND professionals understand how to spot and support children with PANS or PANDAS.

With 11 million members globally, Twinkl is the ‘go-to’ hub for educational resources designed to support teachers and learners. In collaboration with PANS PANDAS UK, Twinkl have created this CPD-accredited toolkit as part of their ‘Inclusion’ content. This free resource is designed to support teaching staff and SEND professionals in their understanding of these conditions, and to provide advice and strategies for how best to support affected pupils.

It joins the recently published Twinkl Digest article about PANS and PANDAS, which was written as part of a series about children with hidden disabilities.

Hannah Lawrence, Twinkl SEND Segment Manager, says ‘at Twinkl SEND we want to provide teachers, parents and professionals with up-to-date information and useful resources to help them to support children and young people with a range of needs. We’re delighted to be able to work with organisations such as PANS PANDAS UK to share their invaluable expertise with our members!’.

Here at PANS PANDAS UK, we hope that you will all share this amazing new resource with your children’s schools. In doing so you will be helping to ensure that each and every child with PANS and PANDAS feels supported and understood and is given every opportunity to thrive in school.

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