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Understanding the Connection Between PANS/PANDAS and Sensory Needs: Latest Research Findings


Many families have reported the onset of sensory needs in their child following the onset of PANS/PANDAS.  Misophonia (sensitivity to sound) is frequently mentioned, but vision, hearing, touch, body awareness (proprioception) and balance (vestibular) senses can all be affected.   


This much-needed new research explores whether a child’s sensory needs changed during flares and whilst in remission.  It also looked at whether those children in remission had returned back to their pre-onset baseline in terms of sensory needs.  The findings echo what our families have been reporting, 

  • That children with PANS/PANDAS can develop sensory needs, and that these are more severe during a flare 

  • The children can continue to experience sensory needs during remission. 

  • That more research is needed to find out the longer-term picture of whether some children are going back to their baseline (re sensory needs) following a flare. 

It also outlines the importance of affected children undergoing a comprehensive assessment with an occupational therapist.  Thank you to Newby et al for this research. Please share with any occupational therapists, educational psychologists, teachers and any further relevant professionals and families. 

Read the research in full here.

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