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We need you - Join our Youth Advisory Board!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022


Youth Advisory Board is a committee made up of children and young people whose lives are affected by PANS or PANDAS. The board will consist of young people aged 8-21 who will have the opportunity to be directly involved in decision making at our charity. The board will be a friendly and informal forum where young voices can be heard.

Our Aims

  • To find new ways for PANS PANDAS UK to better understand and support the needs of young people

  • To connect young people affected by PANS and PANDAS with each other

  • To provide a voice for young people within the charity

About the Role

As members of the board, young people will work together to help to make sure that what we do and say as a charity represents and supports people affected by PANS and PANDAS. All we ask for is that they come along to some of our meetings (or correspond with us if that is easier) and a willingness to share brilliant ideas with us.[1]

Virtual meetings will take place every eight weeks during which board members can meet to share their thoughts and ideas. We will hold our first meeting mid-September. We know not everyone likes to speak in public, so there will always be the option to contribute your ideas in writing or individually. Board members can also opt to contribute using the chat function on Zoom if they prefer. Whatever method works best for each individual is fine with us. We want everyone to feel at ease and able to share their thoughts. Parents and carers are always welcome to attend with their children.


  • Anyone aged 10-21 who is affected by PANS or PANDAS.

  • Anyone who has a sibling or close relative with PANS or PANDAS

  • Anyone who believes they have PANS or PANDAS. Confirmed diagnosis of PANS or PANDAS is not a requirement to take part.

[1] We understand that board members may not always be able to attend these meetings due to periods of illness. We only ask that people attend when they are well enough.

How do I apply?

If your child would like to apply to join our Youth Advisory Board, please download and complete the short form on this page. Email it to

We understand that some applicants may feel more comfortable applying in a different way, so please feel free to video/voice note your answers No application method is preferred, it is entirely based on your personal preference and it will not affect the decision process.

Youth Advisory Board Application (Word)
Download DOCX • 155KB

Closing date for entries – 29th July 2022

Our policies

The safety and wellbeing of our Youth Advisory Board members is of the utmost importance to us. All parents and carers are welcome to join the meetings and all charity staff members involved in the board have been DBS checked. Our detailed privacy and safeguarding policies, and parent/carer permission forms (for those under 18) will be sent out to successful candidates prior to our inaugural meeting.

We will never share the personal information of any of the board members outside the charity without their/their parent or carer’s written consent.

Code of conduct

The Youth Board will only work if members feel able to share their ideas and perspectives when we are working together. Members must agree to respond positively and constructively to input from others. Therefore, we have created a code of conduct to ensure that all our board meetings and written interactions are safe and inclusive for young people.

Be considerate, collaborative and respectful when speaking, listening or corresponding.

Be patient and kind when others are speaking.

Language and behaviour must be appropriate.

Respect each other’s right to privacy – for example, do not take screenshots of meetings, share written material outside the board, or share people’s names without their permission.

Help create an environment which allows everyone to be safe, confident and comfortable.

Report any behaviour which makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

If you have any questions about the Youth Advisory Board, please get in touch via e mail at

Thank you!

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