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What wonderful supporters we have!

Following a hugely successful fundraising drive at the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce's (GBCC) annual awards in March, PANS PANDAS UK were delighted to receive this generous donation from one of the Chamber member

organisations; Eventmasters.

This Birmingham-based sports hospitality firm donated an incredible £10,000 to PANS PANDAS UK as the GBCC charity of the year as chosen by Chamber president Deb Leary.

Vicky Burford, chair of PANS PANDAS UK, said: “As a small charity facing a rapidly growing demand for support, all the team at PANS PANDAS UK are delighted to have received this incredible donation from Eventmasters.

“It will make a huge difference to how many families and children we can help. Continuing our work raising awareness, improving health services and supporting families living with these devastating conditions will be made possible through the generosity and backing of brilliant companies like Eventmasters.”

We are so grateful for the support and generosity of all the incredible individuals and organisations working with the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

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