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Youth Board have their say.

The PANS PANDAS UK Youth Advisory Board were delighted to be invited to speak to Wendy Chamberlain MP last month, ahead of the forthcoming backbench debate she will be leading on PANS and PANDAS in Parliament next week.

Wendy wanted to hear directly from young people living with the conditions so that she can better understand their experiences, and can convey their expert insights to all those present at the debate.

All the board members spoke honestly and bravely about PANS and PANDAS and how it has affected them and their families. They outlined what they think people in the government need to know, and what needs to happen in future so that other young people have better support than they have experienced.

We are so grateful to our wonderful Youth Board for their courage in speaking up, and for their commitment to building brighter futures for others like them. Huge thanks also to Wendy Chamberlain and her colleague Kathryn Sturgeon for all their hard work on behalf of our community.

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