Jack's Story

"When our son Jack was born, he was developing normally and was a happy, relaxed baby.


In the summer of 2017 when he was just 18 months old, we noticed a dramatic difference in his behaviour..."   


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Christopher's story

"Christopher’s story started in January 2019 after having an undiagnosed strep infection.


After various trips to the doctors over the coming weeks, we kept being told it was a viral infection..." 


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THIS IS IT!  A blog about Kade

This is it Kade's Story.PNG

Ticcer’s Unite! Romy Worthington on PANS, PANDAS and Tourettes

Bella's story

"I would say our daughter, Bella, has always been a sensitive child.  As a little girl, she seemed to have lots of friends at school, although she would often feel ‘left out’.  She was funny, bright, friendly, creative and full of energy. 

At 11 she started secondary school.  The first two terms went really well and then she started having problems..." 


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PANDAS, My Dog and Me!  Evie Prior, 12 years old

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