These guidelines were first published in May 2018 following several meetings between the PANS Physicians' Network UK (PPNUK) and the Charity PANS PANDAS UK.  Based on the US treatment guidelines originally written by the US PANDAS Physicians' Network, these guidelines have been modified to adapt to UK medical practices with input from the following NHS Foundation Trusts:


  • University Hospital Southampton

  • Kings College Hospital

  • South London and Maudsley

  • Birmingham Children's Hospital

  • Alder Hey Children's Hospital

  • County Durham and Darlington

  • There was also collaboration from doctors in the Republic of Ireland.

GP's are strongly encouraged to start treatment and investigations early as early treatment is likely to improve the long term outcome of these patients.

Please note:   These guidelines are under review and are not currently available to the general public but medical professionals can access them by contacting the charity here.  


  • JCAP - Clinical Management of PANS:

  • JCAP - Overview of Treatment of Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome - click to view

  • IJPO - Improvement of Psychiatric Symptoms in youth following resolution of Sinusitis - click to view



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Christopher's story

"Christopher’s story started in January 2019 after having an undiagnosed

strep infection. After various trips to the doctors over the coming weeks,

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"Five years ago both our sons were diagnosed with PANDAS/PANS. Although neither are flare free, both are in recovery mode, managed really well by our doctors, family and school. When I try to explain what it is like to live with PANDAS..."  read more

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