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Please see below for some articles which have been written about PANS and PANDAS in the UK media

The Mirror - Theo Clennan, young child with rare brain tumour and PANS.  17 Sep 2021  click to view

Devon Live - North Devon winter wedding up for grabs in charity raffle.  23 Aug 2021  click to view

BBC Radio Devon - Presenter Caroline Cooke chats with Neil Gilson about his upcoming charity swim and PANDAS.  28 Jun 2021 click to view

Radio Sheffield - Presenters Toby Foster and Jenny Eels chat with Dawn Thomas-Lewis about her daughter Evie and her sudden personality change.  6 Apr 2021 click to view 

BBC Radio Oxford - Presenter Kat Ormond chats with Laura Aylott about her son Rory and his experience with PANDAS.  1 Apr 2021 click to view

Channel 4 - Steph's Packed Lunch - Presenter Steph McGovern chats with Neil and Lucie Gilson about PANDAS.  19 Mar 2021 click to view

BBC Radio Shropshire - Presenters Adam Greenwich and Claire Ashford chat with 9 year old PANS sufferer Olivia Preston about her 30 cold water showers fundraising challenge for PANS PANDAS UK.  4th Mar 2021 click to view

BBC Radio Devon - Presenter Michael Chequer discusses PANDAS with Neil Gilson ahead of his Bristol Channel Swim in aid of PANS PANDAS UK.  5 Feb 2021 click to view

Daily Mail (online) - Toddler was possessed after tonsillitis triggered a strange condition that left him with OCD, a nervous tic, 'burning skin' and no nails, 1 Apr 2019 click to view

Devon News - Dad warns of rare illness PANS/PANDAS that saw his happy son become aggressive, anxious and lose fingernails, 24 Mar 2019 click to view

BBC News - Mothers appeal after boy diagnosed with autism when e just needed antibiotics, 25 Jan 2019 click to view

The Times - Doctors miss child illness that alters personality, 24 Sept 2018 click to view

ITV News - More awareness needed on children's neurological conditions, 21 Sept 2018 click to view 

i  news - These children were told they have autism and mental health problems but the cause was a bug - and 'thousands' like them are being misdiagnosed, 21 Sept 2018 click to view

Rare Revolution Magazine Charity Spotlight - PANS PANDAS UK - The newbies on the block breaking down professional misconceptions, Summer 2018 click to view

The Northern Echo - Esmae-Rose Bailey and PANDAS 2017 click to view

Discover Magazine - Hidden Invaders 2017 click to view

The Independent - Strep throat can cause behavioural disorders 2017 click to view

The Neuropsychotherapist - Understanding PANS and PANDAS 2017 click to view

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