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Volunteer Executive - people getting the job done 
There are so many demands on our time and free time is precious. 


When people give their time to PANS PANDAS UK - whatever their role or however much time they can spare - they are more than the backbone of the charity, they are the hearts and minds too.  
We are so lucky to have Volunteer Leads who form our Executive - dedicated people who work with the charity to keep our mission going.  If you want to get involved too, either in one of these lead areas, or a different activity altogether,  please contact   

Paula Scott

Volunteer Executive for Connections

Hello. I’m Paula and my mission is to seek out and develop relationships with other organisations related to the symptoms of PANS and PANDAS. 

Dan McLean

Chief Executive Officer

Hello, I'm Dan and....

Tina Coope

Volunteer Executive for Schools

Hello, I’m Tina and my role is focused on ensuring that children with PANS/PANDAS can keep on learning, access high quality provision and be supported by adults who understand their condition.  

Katy Hindson

Volunteer Executive for Content and Communications

Hello, I’m Katy and my focus for the charity is providing the UK PANS and PANDAS community with information which is accurate, accessible and up-to-date.

Toni Whitney

Volunteer Executive for Media and PR

Hello, I’m Toni and my focus is designing and delivering PR & Media campaigns to raise awareness of the PANS PANDAS UK charity and their work in supporting families affected by the medical conditions PANS and PANDAS. 

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