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If you are 18 years old or younger, we need your help!


To Parents/Caregivers and their children


PANS/PANDAS UK and Shara Virlan @panspandaseducaton (US) are collaborating to create a short YouTube video and other promotional materials designed to capture the Child’s/Young Person’s (C/YP) voice affected by PANS and PANDAS.   We would like to release promotional materials and the video on the 9th of October 2021 for PANS and PANDAS Awareness Day.


We are aiming to highlight some of the experiences and impacts on children with PANS and PANDAS across different countries, and we would like to ask C/YP (Up to 18 years) briefly about their experiences with these conditions.   We are also very interested to hear about sibling’s perspectives, and they are also very welcome to contribute to the second task.


We would very much like to include you in this project.   If you would like to be included then please


  • Read the outline of the project carefully.

  • Please read and sign the consent forms (unfortunately without these we will not be able to include your child’s contribution). These can be virtually signed or scanned with your signature and sent to

  • Send your child’s contributions with only their name/ identifying country and age (you are also very welcome to use a pseudonym) along with their consent forms to

  • Watch and read the promotional materials and YouTube video which we are aiming to release on the 9th of October 2021.

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